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Sauveterre helps prevent and resolve conflicts effectively, sustainably and with integrity.

The effective prevention and resolution of conflicts requires an expert who knows how to analyse conflicts astutely and who understands the art of negotiation.

Sauveterre has the expertise and experience it takes.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein
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What do we do

We help prevent and solve conflicts, saving you money, time and energy.


Each conflict is determined by a combination of characteristics.

Conflict analysis tool

Sauveterre has developed a tool with the most important characteristics: the Conflict Analysis Tool or CAT.

Strategic principles

On basis of the characteristics of a specific conflict, Sauveterre can provide the strategic principles with which the conflict can be solved.


Sauveterre has a database with know how from a wide range of disciplines, categorized per characteristic and strategic principle, and also accessible per keyword, industry, phase in conflict, relationship etc.

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The conflicts that arise in various different sectors often have a lot in common. This makes Sauveterre’s multidisciplinary expertise widely applicable. We can use our expertise and knowledge with resolving conflicts in the medical world to help prevent or resolve conflicts in the travel sector, for example.

Similarly, the knowledge we have gained about cultural differences while helping to settle disputes between neighbours can be used to prevent or resolve law suits between companies or conflicts between citizens and government.

The Sauveterre method can be used for every type of conflict, including those involving disputes between business partners, legal claims, piles of objections or appeals, complaints by consumers or passengers, and sick leave due to conflict.

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Conflict Analysis Tool & Strategic Principles

We offer you access to CAT, our Conflict Analysis Tool. With CAT, you can easily analyse the characteristics of each negotiation and conflict.

On basis of these characteristics, we will provide you with the strategic principles that will help you to better negotiate business deals and to solve conflicts.

In addition, we offer you access to our database with literature and other knowhow from a wide range of disciplines, categorized per characteristic and strategic principle, and also accessible per keyword, industry, phase in conflict, relationship etc.


We are available for tailor made advice in complex conflict negotiations and help you to avoid and resolve conflicts. We can also negotiate on your behalf.

Call us if you would like to discuss

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Who we are

Aernoud Bourdrez

Sauveterre was founded by Aernoud Bourdrez, a lawyer and expert in analyzing conflicts and negotiating solutions. Aernoud Bourdrez is a frequent speaker on conflicts and negotiation.

He has given lectures for audiences at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Netherland Club of New York and as well as for various boards of directors. His book Think Like a Lawyer, Don’t Act Like One is an international bestseller.

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Frank Haveman

Within Sauveterre, Frank Haveman is responsible for knowledge and strategy. His expertise lies in the field of social physics, where the ‘hard’ sciences of physics, chemistry and biology converge with the social sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology.

His challenge lies in analyzing and combining knowledge from these various sciences to form the basis for developing the best possible strategies.

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Pax una triumphis innumeris

A single peace is better than innumerable victories

Inscription on a medal minted for Amsterdam in honour of the Treaty of Munster in 1648. (Rijksmuseum Collection)


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